A Culinary Oasis

Tucked away in sun-kissed Delray Beach, Florida, The Bridge Cafe bridges the gap between mouthwatering flavors and artistic presentation.

Tempting Tastes

Locally Sourced, Masterfully Crafted

Sustainability and quality are our passion. We proudly support local farmers and artisanal vendors to create dishes that make your taste buds dance.

Let Chef Michael and Tony "Big T" Gervasi's culinary expertise transport your senses to an extraordinary world full of bold flavors.

Welcome To The Family!

Meet Chef Michael and Tony "Big T" (from THE Big T's Deli!) We welcome them as the new driving force behind The Bridge Cafe. 

This duo's culinary expertise and dedication to their community are unrivaled, as you will undoubtedly experience the moment we break bread.

So, as we journey into this exciting new endeavor, we invite you to come in, make yourself at home, and experience The Bridge Cafe in Delray Beach.